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quinta-feira, maio 08, 2008

‘Fresh Mussels for a Late Lunch’

Hoje, neste dia da entrevista da Exma. Sra. Dra. Ferreira Leite, vem mesmo a propósito um post sobre mexilhão. Fica assim a nota de Julia Parsons, no A Slice of Cherry Pie, que visito regularmente. Sigam o conselho de Julia Parsons: “discard those that are open (and don't close when you tap them) before you cook them and discard those that are closed after you’ve cooked them.
It’s been a beautiful weekend here in Kent, and it’s not often you can say that on a Bank Holiday! Yesterday Rob and I took a trip to my favourite fish monger at Whitstable Harbour (which I think I may have mentioned once or twice on this blog!) and I picked up some beautiful fresh mussels for a late lunch. They’re the quickest thing to cook and are so delicious, especially when served with a broth and lots of crusty bread to soak it all up. I tried this recipe from Antony Worrall Thompson which was very nice, although a little too buttery for my taste so I’d cut back on that if I made it again. Don’t forget the golden rule with mussels.
Julia Parsons, in A slice of Cherry Pie
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At 9:29 da tarde, Blogger mariadosol said...

fina ironia....

At 10:34 da manhã, Blogger Cristina said...

ola amigo Perdigão

deixei-te um desafio no CC :)



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