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When you lose, don't lose the lesson

segunda-feira, setembro 29, 2008


When a particle and its antiparticle come together, at the blink of an eye they both disappear in a flash as the annihilation process transforms their mass into energy (...)
So if matter and antimatter annihilate, and we and everything else are made of matter, why do we still exist? This mystery arises because we find ourselves living in a Universe made exclusively of matter. Didn't matter and antimatter completely annihilate at the time of the Big Bang? Perhaps this antimatter still exists somewhere else? Otherwise where did it go and what happened to it in the first place?
Se Manuela Ferreira Leite admite a candidatura de Santana Lopes à Câmara de Lisboa, está tudo dito sobre o preço da unidade, que esmaga a retórica do escrupuloso Pacheco Pereira, vexando-o.

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