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domingo, dezembro 10, 2006

Make no little plans...

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«TIF (Tax Increment Financing), uma ideia para quem está num impasse quanto ao modo de lançar e implantar grandes projectos ou projectos megalómanos.
Digital Maoism…
… ou como as (Vida das) Coisas se vai processando na net, interligando e criando novos padrões de “cultura”, de memória e respectivas indústrias.
(…) «Wikipedia may be not too far from the historical reality of Maoism itself: a system propagandized with the language of collectivism that was, in practice, actually run by a small power elite»
«In any case, culture and technology are increasingly reliant on the hive mind — and whatever its faults, Lanier’s broadside helps us consider the consequences of this momentous development. A swarm of connected human minds is a fantastic resource for tracking down software bugs or discovering obscure gems on the Web. But if you want to come up with a good idea, or a sophisticated argument, or a work of art, you’re still better off going solo.»



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