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When you lose, don't lose the lesson

quarta-feira, fevereiro 14, 2007


Notar que a tradução tipo Kuala Lumpur, não é minha - o que decerto resultaria pior, assim ao estilo de pescador da praia do Carvoeiro a fazer umas horitas a servir à mesa turistas. A tradução é uma gentileza do Google. Em inglês despreocupado, de turista acidental, como qualquer europeista que se preza. Aqui fica, com agradecimento pelo esforço e por mais uma Coisa à borla. Como diria o Dr. Vitorino: "habituem-se!" - a este inglês enxertado de mau português.
… cookies and the imperfection. “Although the rapidity of the night of the countersignature, the Abrupt one reached about seven a thousand visits and ten a thousand pageviews, for the accountant more conservative” . With this numbers (assuming that they are true) what is that we walk to make over all in the blogosfera, in the thing lusa. To decorate the world of the Abrupt one? The truth is that people go introducing "manhosos sacadores" of visits and accountants, but continues well-known the years of light that separate the Things of the other Things. People "alinda" the Thing, however "verdinha" however "azulinha", full of design mixed with carpélio in tablier, but the Thing does not unglue and nor promises to unglue. People have broken the marrows to make look like some to know, to hide the disqualification, but nor a percent of the hearing of blog in epigraph in the night of the countersignature. In the reality will be valid to lose time with this género of lamentation? If to calhar optimum is to follow the advice of the Zé Mateus, not to give much credit to the amalgamated public of the “professionals” of the "blogosfera" and not to consider the eminence of some “accountants” who crumple up our ego. In the deep one, the deep one, to be sincere, not me chateia nothing this "insignificância" of visitors and pageviews. Nor this, nor most abundant in "espreitadelas". In such a way more how much I can penetrate and read with immense pleasure, without paying ticket, almost every day, posts of the one On the Time that Passes, daily "lições" to "actualizarmos" the measure of our ignorance, of the Luis, in the Tugir, of the “Conquilhas”, telegraphic bells, of Clearly, that in it compels them to exercise our Frenchman, of the “Teeny ones”, opinions (however brusque, however calm) that to a great extent in they despertam them for "impensáveis" boardings for ours rudimentary head… At last, positive Things in ours day-by-day, without the paranoia of sitemeters, statcounters, blogoramas, histats, the technoratis, twospots , feeds and reeds, freecounters and all the similar tools.

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